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How Themo works?

How a thermostat can use real time electricity price and how you can benefit from it.
  • Use only cheap energy
    Themo optimizes your electricity consumption according to dynamic price tariffs and uses low price periods as much as possible to heat your room.
  • Environmentally friendly
    Themo heats your floor when there are usually surplus renewable energy on the electricity grid. This means that you will use less electricity from fossil fuels.
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How Themo reduces heating bills?

  • Data driven

    A smart thermostat learns all your floor characteristics – room sizes, insulation and heating inertia. Combining all this data is what makes Themo unique.

  • Optimal
    Temperature changes in a very energy efficient house are very slow. A smart thermostat chooses the best time when and how much power is needed to reach desired temperature in desired time. Also it knows how long can the heating be off without falling below your comfort zone.
  • Predictive
    Outside temperature changes and weather is major factor which affects the cost of heating. A smart thermostat looks up from online next day’s weather forecast and learns from your heating patterns to create the most optimal heating schedule.
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Quality features


Life with Themo is easy

  • Remote control
    Themo has an app, which allows to control your thermostat away from home, see the consumption history and change schedules.
  • Easy to install
    Installing and setting up your thermostat is easy and capable for anyone, but if in need we can help you out finding a qualified installer.
  • Many use-cases
    Themo is useful with both dynamic and fixed tariffs, because it learns from your heating cost and heat patterns to create most optimal heating schedule.
  • Works with internet loss
    Switching off Wi-Fi during the night? No problem, Themo is made to work with temporary internet loss and will optimize your heating even without the temporary internet loss.
  • Always warm
    Smart consumption does not have to mean consuming less. It means more efficient consumption and better quality of life.
  • Easy to use
    Themo aim is to provide effortless heating management through our mobile app and web interface where all the necessary detailed information is available.
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Smart and autonomous


Your invisible hand

We have created Themo with the goal that once you have set it up it can operate independently and without interruptions. But to make it more interesting we have added some additional features which you can follow from mobile or web app.
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Environmentally friendly


With Themo you make contribution to green energy

Energy is one of the most important resources and generating it requires enormous amount of dept from our nature. With Themo you directly help to decreasing your energy consumption, because with Themo your energy consumption will be intelligently optimized based on the real-time data about the home inside and outside environment. A 5 m2 with Themo intelligence can save up to 500kg of CO2 emissions in a year to your environment.

The price of electricity always drops when there is a lot of solar and wind energy being produced. Themo breathes as one with the nature and heats up the floor when there is cheap and green energy available in the grid. To see how electricity consumption emits carbon dioxide in real-time go to

Like artificial intelligence


Unique technology

We could have not made Themo without creating the new underlying technology that runs in the background. Our unique software is basically an artificial intelligence which can quickly adapt to everchanging conditions of electricity prices, outside weather and room usage parameters.

Price from 109€

No need to feel cold to control heating costs. Themo saves you both energy and money.

On average, Themo reduces the heating bill by 8 € / m2 per year. If your home is 80 m2, you are expected to save€ 50 a month, while your home is 160 m2 you could save around€ 107 a month.


The future of energetics is based on innovative solutions.Technologyfor Themo is based on scientific research done in TalTech and it will help to solve the problems of tomorrow’ s energetics

Argo Rosin  TalTech faculty of Power Engineering, Vice-dean for Research